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The Ponys - Little Friends
These guys impressed when they opened for Bloc Party at the Black Cat earlier this year. I knew a few songs from "Laced with Romance", but hadn't bought the hype when it came out - or the album. Despite media plugging of tracks "Sad Eyes" and "Let's Kill Ourselves," this song was a standout. If I'd known anything off recent album "Celebration Castle," I probably would have enjoyed their set more than Bloc Party's. I also like the way they spell their name.

The guitar sound on this track should make Marc Bolan, Ron Asheton and any post-Strokes rock band insanely jealous, or jealously insane. Or dead. Has this been in a commercial yet? I suppose that can be a backhanded compliment, but this is another great track for driving too fast and freaking out the squares at stoplights. Cmon, Volkswagen, aren't you sick of Kings of Leon?

I stole this picture of The Ponys at Coney Island's Siren Festival from dredre's Flickr page.

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