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The next movement.

Breathnaigh (THE BLOG) has moved. To Typepad. Please click through and check it out--I think it's looking good.

I'll be working on getting the archives moved over there--blogger is not really amenable to exporting their blogs. But recent posts are up and all new posts will be o'er there.


Backpack. Er.

I spent a week at the Jersey shore accumulating freckles and sipping Salty Dogs, only to walk right back into the island prison sweatbox that is Washington in July. A suitable cure has been a breeze through back issues of Backpacker magazine on Google Books. Choice shots below--I've cherrypicked some excellent ads from Woolrich, Sierra Designs, and Class 5, too, and will post 'em up later this week.

Backpacker cover, 1977


Blue stuff, and stuff that goes with blue stuff.

Tres Bien Shop has given e-mail notice that their sale on spring/summer merch will start this week--Friday, July 2, 8 a.m. EDT, to be exact. Had my eye on a few things that may or may not exist in my size by the time the sale starts, but I'll be checking in Friday morning for a shot at them. Nearly all of them
happen to be variously smurftoned. Good time for a poor rendering of them via polyvore.

S.N.S. Herning Stark cardigan in blue
Bleu de Paname striped oxford in... blue.
Mark McNairy Red Brick Soul penny loafers. Not blue.
Rogues Gallery washed cotton cable knit sweater. Blue.
Our Legacy Authentic blue jeans.



Spent Saturday afternoon in Fairmount Park, listening to mid-90s hip hop, bocce-ing, and dodging poison ivy. Also noted with some concern that my wiffle ball skills are on the decline. Will have to get to the wiffle batting cages.

On the long and frustrating road back down to Maryland, I spent an unreasonable amount of time waiting in line on a highway in order to pay Delaware a few bucks for the pleasure of using that highway. I'm not given to wanton profanity, but fuck you Delaware. And I can look forward to that crap again next weekend. Only Delaware can make me look forward to driving in New Jersey.

To cheer myself up I stopped off in Towson at Ocean Pride (quality suicide food logo there) and picked up some pals.
Ocean's Pride

I originally thought this pic would be appetizing, but it may be a little too macro.

Maryland blue crab

Some Philadelphian cargo made its way down as well.

Philly soft pretzel

The Pharcyde -- Passin' Me By