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Backpack. Er.

I spent a week at the Jersey shore accumulating freckles and sipping Salty Dogs, only to walk right back into the island prison sweatbox that is Washington in July. A suitable cure has been a breeze through back issues of Backpacker magazine on Google Books. Choice shots below--I've cherrypicked some excellent ads from Woolrich, Sierra Designs, and Class 5, too, and will post 'em up later this week.

Backpacker cover, 1977

Backpacking with kids
"How to get your kids to hike with you" was the Runner's World "Shoe guide" article of Backpacker in the 1970s. Nearly every issue had advice on how to make potentially strenuous, certainly boring outdoor fun palatable for the "are we there yet" set. Also from 1977.

Hiking in Wales
Another hiking with your family piece accompanied by some purty shots of Snowdonia. From 1973. In most of the early issues, it looks like the 70s hasn't really caught on with the mountain crowd.

Piece on bringing your dogs on the trail. Maybe my favorite shot.

Appalachian trail? 1973.

From a piece on Grandma Gatewood, Appalachian trail hiker (first through hike at age 67) and one of the "tribe of elders" according to the piece.

I feel about 10 degrees cooler.

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