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Let's Live!

I hope that last post title and two three months of radio silence didn't worry anybody.

So... this is awkward.


Mazarin?1. Mazarin's We're Already There has at least three good songs on it. Particularly a fan of the titular track (available at My Ol' Kentucky Blog) which is simultaneously a sunny laze iced tea windows open kind of song and a winter hibernate earl grey space heater king of song. Pretty sweet. They're from Philly, too, and get some credit for that. Philly always had a good psych-pop thing going; remember Lilys?Mazarin!

2. In the same psych-ass pop vein, The Clientele's "Since K Got Over Me" is equally good. Never been a big fan of theirs, but this song subverts the twee monotony that sinks most of this type of stuff.

3. There are a surprising amount of good shows coming up in DC. Pogues in March, Bob Pollard in January, The Hold Steady finally showing up, and Stars at the Black Cat.

4. It'd be disingenuous not to mention I've been doing some reviews for I've been about as timely with those as I've been with this thing.

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