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Steve Fry slept here.

I spent some time in Ireland recently with little access to quality American television programming. I was stuck mostly with BBC fare (everybody loves The Office, but remember, we also got Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, and Hole in the Wall from them).

I did, however, get to watch a short series documentary in which Stephen Fry drives around the U.S. in a black cab, "experiencing" the U.S. "Stephen Fry in America" was naive, condescending, and charming--I really liked watching the states roll by through the eyes of a clever, surefooted foreigner who isn't afraid to make a fool of himself; much the same way I'm sure the Brits enjoyed "King Ralph" when it debuted in England.

It's based on Fry's book , which I would put on my Christmas list if it were out in the U.S. I'll trade Santa some mince pies and wine for it! The TV series is already out on DVD in the UK--I hope the BBC doesn't ignore America's insatiable taste for immigrants and lighthearted mockery of our values through humo(u)r! That "u" is for you, Stephen.

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