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10 things to look forward to.

Recently had a couple of rough days after a couple of long weeks. Not a "reconsider the direction of my life" kind of time, just a "goddamn when can I just relax for a few minutes" kind of time. A good occasion to sit down, take stock, and think about the not-to-distant future.

1. Summer food. I've been apartment-bound and grill-less for far too long. At some point I will be found on the patio, drinking a Tecate michelada, and grilling flank steak. Or grilling clams and corn. Or grilling some dogs.

2. Fort Reno. The summer concert series starts soon--I missed their benefit at the Black Cat last weekend (woops). The schedule isn't out yet, but I can't wait to lay on some cool grass and watch some DC talent play, silhouetted against the Fort Reno towers. Don't forget to donate.

3. Summer reading. I have a few beach trips planned, and they always provide good opportunities for falling asleep while reading. To that end, I plan on trying out Christopher Buckley's Losing Mum and Pup, Murakami's running book, and something cribbed from KC's list. Maybe something light and straightforward, like Infinite Jest. That would look tented on my chest in a hammock, open to page 6.

4. Training for the Army 10-miler. After running the Baltimore half-marathon, I've decided it's a good thing to have something like this scheduled for October to make me manage my time/beer intake during the summer. Not good enough to twitter training updates, of course. I'm registered for the race and I'm putting my personal goal right here: 90 minutes. I've been working out, drinking milk, maybe wearing a half shirt around.

5. Summer playlists. I've listened to enough Smiths, twee pop, and New Order for awhile, it's time for Springsteen, Wilco, and Toots.

6. Go-to-hell clothes. I've got the anchor shorts, white bucks, and madras ties (sweet) ready to go. Just waiting for the right occasion, like, say, a summer wedding on a yacht in 1982.

7. Release of F/W lines. As much as I love tshirt weather, I prefer defending myself from the elements with layers of tweed and down. Woolrich Woolen Mills fall collection, I'm looking at you.

8. Tennis (playing).

9. Baseball (watching distractedly).

10. Laziness. As exemplified by these last three items.

Photo from the great Shorpy.

P.S. I joined twitter, I think right after Larry King, which seems about right.

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