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Addendum: more things.

1. Silver Spring farmer's market. Sure, may not be "worth it" in the sense of good nutritional value for your dollar, but I'll pay a 10% grocery tax when the return is that I rise early on Saturdays, get out of the house, and cook with fresh meat, vegetables, and eggs. It warms the cockles of my yuppie heart. And I guess my price threshold for a chocolate croissant is somewhere north of $2.50.

2. Silverdocs documentary film festival. Although not much can top the event that was the outdoor Joe Strummer documentary followed by a Ted Leo show in DTSS from a few years back, or an early showing of the Aristocrats, the fest is always good for a few thinkers. The full schedule will be out May 21, but already announced are More Than a Game, a documentary following five Akron high school ballplayers, one of whom turned out to be Lebron James, and the Nine Lives of Marion Barry (self explanatory). The guest honoree this year is Albert Maysles, so maybe we'll get an outdoor showing of Gimme Shelter. Who wouldn't like to see a Hell's Angels beat down in downtown Silver Spring?

3. Cheap and available tickets to see the Phillies. In DC, we get three series to watch the WFC Phillies, and unlike in Philadelphia, tickets are plentiful because there are no Nats fans.

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