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Never enough neck.

I’m plumbing the shallow depths of instant nostalgia here, but it makes me a little happy to see J. Crew offering a rollneck sweater again. As J. Crew has shifted its identity from its 1990s, collegiate, offer-everything-in-oatmeal catalogue to today, when many consider it a preppy trendsetter (or at least a choice of tastemakers), it dropped some of its old standbys--the rollneck sweater is one, a heavy cotton sweater would be another (everything seems to incorporate cashmere in current catalogs... trying too hard, J.).

The rollneck reminds me of high school, of sweaters that smelled like smoke so you had to leave them in the car so as not to wise up the parents, of sweaters not cleaned for semesters on end, of lending your sweater to your girlfriend at the movies and her saying it's gross but wearing it anyway. Wait, is the baggy rollneck sweater emo?

The new version is less baggy, which is at least kind of a shame. But it looks pretty great nonetheless.

J. Crew rollneck sweater in marled wool. Available at, $88.

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