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Legacy look.

I talked with Richardos Rosen, who is 33.3% of Swedish clothing line Our Legacy, at the Capsule show in NY. He talked about looking back for inspiration for Our Legacy's design (this should come as no surprise, considering the line's name and the fact that 90% of new men's brands are citing heritage influences). Afterward I read a few interviews with the Our Legacy guys and noted a few references to "50s expressionist artists and authors." I wish I'd known that beforehand, cuz I'm not sure who that refers to and I'd love to have asked. A good enough guess is the Abstract Expressionists, who without a doubt had some style. Unfortunately (or fortunately), you can't buy the "I'm better than you; yet still 62% nuts" stare that de Kooning and Robert Motherwell and Pollock have in this portrait.

Yeah, eff you impressionists!
Photo from the Life archive at Google.

Great that they all dressed so similarly and of the time, considering the breadth and intensity of what they produced while at work.

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