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There's this thing--called youtube?

A subgenre of youtube videos I've only recently discovered for myself is pretty simple. People post videos of records playing. That's it. The selected records lean heavily to rare vinyl that you're not going to hear in person, ever--even if you know a collector with an original "Wreck of the Old 97" 78, chances are they're not going to indulge you by actually playing it. These clips work for those more interested in approximating the experience of hearing a crackly recording of Buddy Holly's first single (considered a disappointment upon its release) than the experience of being in the stands at a Phillies/Dodgers game where this dude totally nails this other dude with a beer. Course I'm down for both.

There are a lot of clips that essentially just play a song, accompanied by the album cover or a montage of artist images (not to mention user-generated music videos, which I find inordinately creepy), but the spinning record clips have appeal in their simplicity and honesty. Plus they remind me of sitting at home and putting on punk rock 7 inches and just listening to them over and over.

Buddy Holly--Blue Days, Black Nights

Also, RIP Buddy Holly and all that.

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