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L.L. Bean Fall 1948.

I've been meaning to get a post up on this since approximately spring 1949. I got this catalog over a year ago now, wanted to post it, lost it, and have had no access to a quality scanner. So this weekend I busted my bike and figured I'd waste some time taking photos of a catalog, with my phone camera. Not seasonally appropriate, I understand, but this Bean catalog still has some gems, some all the more interesting since the company raided its own archives to design the L.L. Bean Signature line this spring. Let's see if any of these cool weather pieces make it into next fall's Signature catalog. More images and midcentury Mainer folksiness after the jump.

L.L. Bean Fall 1948.

This vest has a lot in common with Post Overalls and Engineered Garments pieces from the last couple of years--most notably the round pocket seams. Would love to see Signature resurrect this one.

This Warden's jacket could be in almost any current collection--water resistant cotton poplin and plenty o pockets.

The catalog is short on marketing copy. Descriptions aren't short, but there's no talk of L.L. Bean's philosophy or mission or anything. However, little text boxes sprinkled throughout give stern advice and ordering instructions. Also, what he hell is balloon cloth?

The man himself. I own this book as well, but it's unfortunately short on illustrations.

Ye olde Bean boot gets the centerfold in Fall 1948.

Would love to have participated in the testing of 80 cans of bacon.

Good deal of solid footwear in this catalog. Also lots of references to the military--Army shoes, "before the war," etc.

The only color page--the back cover, is designated to showing off the crayola-bright strips on a Hudson's Bay blanket.

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