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Will have to check out the current National Gallery exhibit of Allen Ginsberg's photos. Although Ginsberg was a pretty good photographer, what stands out in this collection (and its reason for being) is less the technique than the subjects. In the 50s Ginsberg was documenting the Beat scene before it was even eally a scene. Later he shot more formal portraits of the aging Beat Generation. The photos are candid shots for the most part and I wonder if last year's Levis ad campaign (featuring Beat forebear Walt Whitman) borrowed some from the spirit of these pics.

Ginsberg in the L.E.S., NY, 1953. A number of these photos, obviously, he didn't take himself.

Kerouac, Neal Cassady, and Burroughs after the jump.

Ginsberg in NY harbor, 1947, "Smoking what?"

Kerouac on E. 7th St., NY, 1953. "Making a Dostoyevsky mad face."

Beats, San Francisco, 1956. I think Ginsberg is checking out Neal Cassady.

W.S. Burroughs, 1991.

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Casey Jones said...

"W.S. Burroughs, seen here in Canadian Tuxedo."