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A negative review of the Sleigh Bells album cobbled together from three overwhelmingly positive reviews of the Sleigh Bells album.

Bands like this only will themselves into existence out of extreme restlessness. Sometimes boredom. Krauss and Miller have been making music for a while--he in the hardcore band Poison the Well, she in some kind of manufactured teen-pop group that never got off the ground--it's easy to see them as a connected band with the right gimmick at the right time. The blown-out sonics trade on some of the last three decades of pop music’s most noxious textures. The volume and power of late 90s rap metal. Tasteless CD-era overcompression. The trick could wear thin quickly, and the duo have managed to extend their uncomplicated formula across 11 tracks. It's hard to say what the songs are about, since so many words are so difficult to make out.  They're more than likely to be publicly over by their second album. All of which, for me, anyway, makes the hype melt away.

Sleigh Bells -- Tell 'Em

All pulled from the following: Onion AV Club (A-), Pitchfork (8.7), and lostatsea (10/10).

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