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Happy & Hopeless

The Wrens played a great show Friday night. I love it when a plan comes together - and when a band I like plays a good show on a weekend night for under $20. The band was very tight, their chemistry was great, and there were a lot of people there. I had been concerned that the crowd last time was for local forgettables Army of Me.

I enjoyed the trite but well-executed and forgivable rockstar bombastics of the Wrens' bassist ("When we were younger, we used to dream of being rockstars..." etc.), and I especially enjoyed the crowd singing along with said bassist to "Hopeless"... the crowd was really into it, to the point that one guitarist clapped his hand across the bassist's mouth to let the crowd handle the first two verses alone (sorry for no names, I know the bandmembers' names but I forget who's who. I certainly hope it was Charles Mexico on bass. I wonder if he's related to Ron Mexico.). A surprisingly genuine sing-along moment.

The Reputation is playing Monday night at the Black Cat, which is a pleasant surprise that may be preempted by MNF and sleep.

Moroccan Role (blog) has My Morning Jacket's track "Wordless Chorus" off the forthcoming album Z. Tis good.

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