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That's Wren-tastic

The Wrens are coming to the Black Cat on Friday, September 9. I'll be there too.

I tried to resist the Wrens... I was only vaguely familiar with their 90s work, and only took note when their much buzzed-about (and spoken about, and well-reviewed) 2003 album The Meadowlands was released. At first I had the "this song sounds a lot like the last song" reaction, but it really grows on you, which is how you learn to love all your favorite albums, right? Each song is a delicate composition of dozens of discreet elements, like intricate math-rock but with a great sense of melody and no pretensions - and standard rock instrumentation. One of those notice-something-new-on-every-listen kind of rock albums. The Wrens contain multitudes.

I won't go on and on with the backstory of the band, but suffice to say I was a little disappointed when I could really identify with songs written by four guys who live in a house in New Jersey and have been more self-destructive than productive for a decade. But hey, my Jersey roots are true, as are my procrastinatory tendencies.

I checked out the Wrens their last time through and was a little disappointed. They just didn't sound that great. It wasn't that their show didn't hold up live, it was just the crushing power of elevated expectations. So I'm giving them another chance.

Also, they have multiple vocalists who sound very much alike, but not like anyone else. I tend to like bands that do this. Is it calculated, or just a natural progression?

You can get the song "Everyone Choose Sides" from the Absolutely Kosher site.

Lastly, Little Quill Productions is making a Wrens documentary. Seems like an admirable effort.

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