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I know a place where the dancin's free.

Headed up, down the shore this weekend. Hope to get my fill of kitsch and the beach. If I had my druthers, I'd be dressed like the dude below left. He's just aware of the damaging effects of UV rays on the generally Irish.

Jersey Hotties: 1911

Photo (from Shorpy) of beachgoers in Asbury Park about 60 years pre-Bruuuuuce. Speaking of whom, I've been jonesing for Bruce-biting music for awhile. The newest Hold Steady didn't do it for me (neither did the newest Bruce album), and the Secret Service-endorsed Gaslight Anthem seemed to be a contender, but their album has a shallowness that belies their Bruceworthiness. For this weekend I'll go with the original of probably the most famous Bruce cover.

Tom Waits -- Jersey Girl

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U.N. Owen said...

Did I send you their cover of "I'm On Fire?" We played it on my ipod at the BBQ at the baby's momma's house.