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Fort Rainout

Argh. First Fort Reno of the summer I've had the energy to go to (I blame the Red Line for a general evening malaise) and it gets washed out by the first substantial rainfall since June. Sorry Benjy Ferree and 90s hottie 00s mope Ms. Timony.

Good occasion for sitting down and sorting out some music type things.

The Dead Weather

I'll mirror Sasha Frere-Jones, whose assessment of the Jonathan Glazer video is pretty right on, a few thoughts on the Dead Weather:

1. Am I the only person who thinks they at least sort of suck? Generally Favorable Reviews all over.

2. Is it a supergroup if only one of the people is famous? Yeah, start with one of the best guitarists from the last 25 years... on drums. Then add the guitarist from QOTSA's bad albums. And that guy from Jack White's other band--no, not the White Stripes, and no, not Brendan Benson. And a girl from a band whose niche I'm not at all clear on. Maybe have them rap! Yeah.

3. I had no idea the chick from Fla pop punk outfit Discount had an actual music career. Think I saw them at the Wilkes Barre fest in 1996. I'm not sure I could drive yet.

4. That video is pretty cool, and Sexy Beast is still good.

Little late as this one came out months ago. Doves went from a late-era rave group to a mildly stoner astralwerks-ish rock band (my favorite era) to objects of mocky nostalgia quickly... or it wasn't that quick and I just haven't paid very close attention. But there's not a Doves album I don't like.

Titular single Kingdom of Rust has the same quotidian grandness of previous epics like "Catch the Sun" or "Caught by the River"--a folky strum over a brushed rhythm that sounds like traveling even before you see the video. Bring in the ringing electric notes for the chorus. I'll throw it on the pile of records that ought to come in handy if I ever get around to driving cross-country.

I won't miss the final Fort Reno of the year, starring Title Tracks, which seals the season next Thursday. Also hoping to make the reliably awesome Run for Cover at the Black Cat the following Saturday, August 1--$10 for guaranteed entertainment in the form of local scenesters performing as shambolic, one-off cover bands.

More posts to come, probably before it rains again...


G. Friday said...

Do you know if Run For Cover usually sells out, or will I be able to walk up to the door?

Chaz said...

Sorry if this is late--I THINK you can usually walk up, but it's probably best to call the Black Cat--they'll tell you how close a show is to selling out.