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Good things are fantastic. A short list.

1. My bike. I followed through on my expressed wish and got a used bike off craig and had it fixed up. As a simple accountant's son, I'm not man enough to replace tires and tune a bike myself--yet. Riding around my block, I looked like a little kid. Until I put on my new helmet; then I looked like the grown-ass nerd that I am.

2. The approach of fall. Today was the first day in a month I dared shut off the A/C and open a few windows. Was getting a little stale in here. Someone said that about two weeks of each season is really enjoyable, and goddamn am I looking forward to that. Old Rag here I come.

3. Future of the Left--Travels with Myself and Another. mcclusky it isn't, but it's nice to hear Andy Falkous's filthy yawp again. I've been blasting this reliably in the car, but they work a little blue, so best to keep it down around family.

4. Centralia Knitting Mills products. If everything goes according to plan and budget, I'll have a nifty new cardigan and a campus-ready letterman jacket by homecoming (I lettered in hurling at the Jug Bay Academy).

To be continued with more culture and shallow lifestyle items...

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