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Desiderata—Phillies world series tickets.

My wife recently accused me of stepping up my sports fandom since we met (in 2001). She claims that back in college I didn’t care enough to watch every game, read the post mortems the next morning, and discuss obscure stats with other dudes. I’m going to admit to being a bandwagoneer here, because naturally I didn’t care about the Phils in 2001. They sucked. Robert Person was the Phillies’ ace starter (he did have 3 complete games). Bobby Abreu was the offensive star. The 2001 Eagles made a nice run, but it took most of us by surprise. I watched the Flyers when I got the chance (not on TV much in Maryland), and they suffered a disappointing first-round playoff loss to Ottawa. Plus, the sports internet was still finding itself. Now every morning I wake up and can read hometown sports pages, analytical blogs, snarky blogs, and a handful of national columns on Philly teams. Plus, the Phillies are threatening to repeat as World Series Champs. Of COURSE I’m a bigger sports fan now than I was.

Still no fantasy football, though; that’s for nerds.

Home tickets for the World Series are currently selling for over $500 for the right to stand in the stadium, so I’m filing it under desiderata (“desired things”), the implication being, no fucking chance I’m going. Once the Yankees eliminate the Angels, prices are sure to go higher, and a WS ticket at Yankee stadium will be ludicrously expensive, and who wants to spend a cool grand to hang out in a room full of jerks? I’ll settle for watching at home with a Yuengling ($1) and a Wawa hoagie ($3.99).


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