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Get ready for fall.

Couple weeks back I had the opportunity to hit up (capsule) in NY with the guys from Styleforum. In fact, now I am one of the guys from Styleforum. The writeups I put together for some of the men's lines for fall/winter 2010 will be live soon, including Billy Reid, Yuketen, Quoddy, Post Overalls, and Mark McNairy New Amsterdam. Here I'm just putting some photos I particularly liked. Thanks Albert for most of the photos, and Dan for a couple.

Takeshi from Post Overalls explaining their "lookback" lookbook to me.

Blue steel modeling a scarf from S.N.S. Herning.

mcnairy shoe
Olive suede boots from Mr. McNairy.

Yuki Matsuda of Yuketen and Monitaly trying hard not to tell me I'm stupid.

Quoddy boots.

Mino from Monitaly/Yuketen at (capsule).

Glamorous after-party at the Pegu Club.

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