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Not-so-vintage t-shirt shopping.

With it being hot and sweaty and summer-y out a boy's thoughts turn naturally to skateboarding. The better angels of my nature have stopped me from purchasing a new skateboard in the last couple of years although I've been jonesing for a new deck nearly as bad as when I used to dog-ear California Cheap Skates catalog pages and TWS issues in my salad days. The only thing more absurd than a grown-ass man on a skateboard is a grown-ass man on a razor scooter. Doesn't mean I can't revel in the accoutrements of skating, which culturally left me behind around 1995, when I realized that although skateboarding was arguably cooler than baseball, they were both at their cores athletic activities, and athletic activities were not going to be where I made my mark.

Some shirts that would look great with a pair of redsand shorts.



Uniform Choice--for those keeping the edge

Redsand Rusty (thanks KC)

And a few late entries from McNairy Brothers, Mark McNairy's old line (which I never saw in stores)


Casey Jones said...

I'm a little embarrassed to point out that the "Redsand" picture is actually a "Rusty" logo. I'm pretty sure as I drew it on my middle school binders right next to the Quiksilver logo and the Pearl Jam Ten logo.

Pete said...

I'm an idiot, considering I found that shirt by searching for a Rusty shirt. Just in too much of a hurry to post. Red sand had a kind of unimitatable script, if I remember right. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the internet is short on good images of old Droors, Girl, etc. shirts.

I like to think I'm too good for Fresh Jive.