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#1 hit of the summer.

Summer goes official on the solstice (RIP Love Fest), but it was culturally official on Memorial Day, and I've already grilled burgers twice already and listened to a shameful amount of Grateful Dead, so it feels like summer. And yet, my search for the feel good hit of this summer continues. Contenders dismissed below.

1. Wilco -- Bull Black Nova
Sky Blue Sky snuck up on me on little Tweedy feet in 2007. I thought it sucked. Others agreed. It was in Volkswagen commercials; and I was horrified (rumors I owned a Volkswagen at the time could not be confirmed). But goddamn if the Nels Cline solo on Impossible Germany isn't one of the best musical moments of the decade. And I never held Passat Dream against Pavement. So now SBS is one of my go-to summer drive albums, along with disc 1 of Being There. While I'm hoping for some of the same on Wilco, Bull Black Nova is too much on edge for casual listening--it's kind of terrifying. (Also, Tweedy needs to drop the "wine-dark sea" construction, he used up his quota with "bible-black predawn" on "I Am Trying to Break your Heart.")

2. Grizzly Bear -- Two Weeks
I can't say much about this song that hasn't already been said by a dozen other blogs, but I'll mention that I haven't gone a day in weeks without listening to it, and it's a rare track indeed that gets that gets its hooks in me as quick and deep as this one.

3. Cymbals Eat Guitars -- Living North
Already covered. Already a little tired of.

4. Peter, Bjorn, and John -- Nothing to Worry About
I know this came out in January, but it cries out for summer. PB+J have a lot going for them here--90s Janet Jackson-y string sample, boom-boom-bap head nodding percussion, an ear-effing chorus (I think they lifted lyrics from their own song). It would sound right at the beach, it would sound right at the Black Cat. But it falls a little short. Too repetitive, too much Kanye association.

5. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart -- Young Adult Friction
First Everything with You was my favorite, all sunshiney innocence drowning in fuzzed out guitars, and who gives a crap what he's saying. Then it was A Teenager in Love, all ripping off Bowie and darkly comic and no one caring. Young Adult Friction is a solid single, though. It all comes together so quickly, the left-right-left beat, back and forth harmonies, library romance plot, and then by the time you get to singalong hook, it's all over. You win, Pains.

Bonus: The B side to the Young Adult Friction single--Ramona--may be up for best winter song.

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U.N. Owen said...

PBJ, Grizzly, and Wilco? Nice UO mix, you DC hipster douchebag.