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Some thoughts on a casual viewing of and light research on the video for Blur's "Country House."

1. Despite anything else I have to say about it, this is a good song that holds up.
2. The tone of the song is inscrutable, at least to these American ears. Is it poking fun at the British upper class country culture? Is it celebrating escape? Is it just a stupid pop song?
3. The video doesn't really help with interpretation.
4. Country House was a #1 single in England.
5. The video was directed by Damien Hirst, him of actual crystal skull fame.
6. The video has a cameo (or I guess, a part played by) Matt Lucas, more recently of Little Britain and soon to be of Alice in Wonderland fame. Lucas was 20 at the time.
7. Speaking of which, this artifact of the 90s is 14 years old.
8. Remember when Damon Albarn was just dreamy?
9. Remember when being just dreamy seemed to involve dressing like a Christian rock star? Nice hair and earring, Damon. I can't wait until you discover African music.
10. Are the Benny Hill bits pure joke? Homage? An excuse to get busty page 6 girls in tubs with dreamy Damon? It's this sort of ambiguity that makes Hirst such a great, rich, rich artist.
11. Hirst (or someone on the set) loved that shot of the front door opening with the neon sign. What a juxtaposition! Wow, Mr. Hirst.
12. Bohemian Rhapsody? Am I supposed to think that's funny, or that Blur are the new Queen? I just don't know.
13. This was a #1 single in England.

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